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In dime stores and bus stations

people draw conclusions on the walls

The Girl
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This is mostly a fan journal for the best shows on TV and some that aren't anymore. And I am in awe of the people who create(d) them (all of whom are not me). Aaron Sorkin? That man is a genius. Also, if I could meet Mark Harmon, I would be able to die ecstatic. I am in awe of his talent. Same, if not more, goes for Bradley Whitford. In awe. See the awe.

My fic-writing only extends as far as I can spew ink on a page - not very. I'm hoping to improve through practice, yadda yadda, etc.

Standard disclaimers apply to everything I write. Meaning, it's not mine and I'm not making money from it. Just so we're clear.

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Current LJ-title by Bob Dylan.

soundslikej has kindly made my friends-only banner. THANK YOU!

"Good writers borrow from other writers. Great writers steal from them outright."
-- Aaron Sorkin, from this quote:

"Mediocre writers borrow; great writers steal."
-- T.S. Eliot

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